Treating diabetes and obesity via AI-based Chatbot

Treating diabetes and obesity via AI-based Chatbot

Problem being addressed

A healthy way of treating pre-diabetes and obesity is through behavioral intervention rather than pharmacological. However​,​ behavioral intervention is plagued by problems of patient engagement and compliance.


Chatbot is an AI-driven service that uses the existing communication channels like Facebook messenger and Whatsapp to provide motivational and goal-oriented conversational support to patients. It reminds the patients to have a healthy diet and to exercise regularly in a convincing manner and at the same time, replies to the messages from the patient.

Advantages of this solution

Advantages include easy accessibility and implementation (it is an app), cost-effectiveness, increased engagement and compliance, and therefore improved results, and decreased social stigma (since they do not need to visit a doctor or a psychologist).

Solution originally applied in these industries


Childcare Sector


Education Sector


Healthcare Sector

Possible New Application of the Work


Advertising Industry

The Chatbot can be used to conduct more personal and in-depth surveys regarding products before their launch or at the prototype stage.


Healthcare Sector

The technology was applied to healthcare (specifically pre-diabetes and obesity). It can be expanded to almost all fields of healthcare starting from buying an appropriate insurance plan to setting up appointments with you doctor and collecting and documenting all essential information required before the visit. They will be especially beneficial in psychological illness patients (anxiety, depression, etc.) where you require a 24-hour expert chatting service.

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