No more shallow chats

No more shallow chats

Problem being addressed

Researchers in artificial intelligence have long been interested in the challenge of developing a system that can have a coherent conversation with humans.


Creating a socialbot that can hold a coherent and engaging conversation on current events and popular topics such as sports, politics, entertainment, fashion, and technology. It requires development of a system architecture that is capable of accommodating dialog strategies that were designed for socialbot conversations. The architecture consists of a multi-dimensional language understanding module for analyzing user utterances, a hierarchical dialog management framework for dialog context tracking and complex dialog control, and a language generation process that realizes the response plan and makes adjustments for speech synthesis.

Advantages of this solution

The suggested system brings the synergy between the knowledge base and the dialog management, i.e., the use of a graph structure to organize the knowledge base that makes dialog control very efficient in bringing related content to the discussion.

Solution originally applied in these industries


Entertainment Industry

Possible New Application of the Work


Telecommunications Industry

Currently chatbots can only provide only a basic level conversation; elaborating on the conversation complexity would mean better customer service, less use of real person time and better analysis of customer satisfaction.

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