Health state estimation

Health state estimation

Problem being addressed

Life’s most valuable asset is health and continuously understanding the state of our health and modeling how it evolves is essential if we wish to improve it. Given the opportunity that people live with more data about their life today than any other time in history​,​ the challenge rests in interweaving this data with the growing body of knowledge to compute and model the health state of an individual continually.


A personal model that dynamically estimates the health state of an individual by fusing multi-modal data and domain knowledge. The system is stitched together from four essential abstraction elements: 1. the events in our life, 2. the layers of our biological systems, 3. the functional utilities that arise from biological underpinnings, and 4. how we interact with these utilities in the reality of daily life. By encasing this state estimation within a navigational approach, a user can use a systematic guidance framework to plan actions for each moment to transition their current state towards a desired one.

Advantages of this solution

Instant feedback on the health state can give insight on how lifestyle modification, medicine, environment and other inputs are causally changing the person’s overall quality of life.

Solution originally applied in these industries


Healthcare Sector

Possible New Application of the Work


Insurance Industry

Insurance industry can definitely benefit from health estimation model to provide targeted health insurance; it can also incentivise healthier lifestyle by adjusting the insurance plan based on the person's actions (exercising, eating healthy food etc.)


Sports Industry

Incorporating physical exercise into people's daily routine can be done easier in case of a more systematic approach. The health estimation model can help create targeted training programmes and modify them based on the person's age, health state etc.

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