Find the missing child

Find the missing child

Problem being addressed

Human trafficking is one of the most adverse social issues currently faced by countries worldwide; however​,​ given a gallery of face images of missing children​,​ state-of-the-art face recognition systems fall short in identifying a child (probe) recovered at a later age.


A feature aging module that can age-progress deep face features output by a face matcher. In addition, the feature aging module guides age-progression in the image space such that synthesized aged faces can be utilized to enhance longitudinal face recognition performance of any face matcher without requiring any explicit training.

Advantages of this solution

The proposed aging scheme demonstrates accurate predictions can enhance the ability of commodity face matchers to locate and identify young children who are lost at a young age in order to reunite them back with their families.

Solution originally applied in these industries


Government Sector

Possible New Application of the Work


Entertainment Industry

Deep feature ageing can naturally be used in entertainment; while such use can may sound rather frivolous, it provides vast learning opportunities and free data that helps optimise learning algorithms.

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