Dance hand-gesture recognition (Multi-class classification)

Dance hand-gesture recognition (Multi-class classification)

Problem being addressed

Using Deep learning techniques for multi-class classification for hand-gesture recognition of traidtional indian dance Kathakali


Kathakali is a 17th century art which is difficult for a comman man to understand. We have used machine learning techniques to perform multi-class classification of 24 different hand gestures. We have created a dataset by ourseleves and acheived this target.

Advantages of this solution

It is a first attempt of its kind for Kathakali hand-gesture classification. We got 80% accuracy.

Solution originally applied in these industries


Entertainment Industry

Possible New Application of the Work


Advertising Industry

Use images of people to understand their current feeling upon certain action which can be used for targetted advertisement


Food Industry

Understand people reaction on food immediately upon tasting it automatically


Healthcare Sector

For people with speaking disability, understand their sign language

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