Better language for better solutions

Better language for better solutions

Problem being addressed

Decision making in a real-life situation is an essential process​,​ which may often be modelled as an optimization problem and requires the consideration of various attributes like human preferences and thinking about different problem parameters. However​,​ in real life situations​,​ human beings naturally understand and express their opinions in linguistic form​,​ so optimizing this process can be challenging.


A perceptual reasoning based solution methodologies for linguistic optimization problems and a novel extension of perceptual reasoning and for solving multi-objective linguistic optimization problems. For this solution objective function(s) and decision variables were linked by if-then rules.

Advantages of this solution

The perceptual reasoning based solution methodologies make sure that resulting linguistic optimization proble solutions lie within the information representation scale as well as resembles a codebook words. Furthermore, it brings the advantage of achieving reduction in size of if-then rule base.

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Education Sector

Possible New Application of the Work



The period when users are conducting research is vital, as this is where 80% of searches take place. Here, people look for advice, problems, solutions, product comparisons and reviews. Serving the user intent for these queries and establishing awareness can pay off later in the user journey, when customers come to making more targeted product searches with the aim of conducting a transaction, so linguistic optimisation can play important role in decision making process.

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